Saturday, February 16, 2008

PTC/Survey Sites

Hi Everybody

I've decided to make a post about some "Paid to click" and Survey sites that I am a member of, which ones i like and which ones i dont really recommend. Now I have never actually been paid myself from these sites yet, as I have not reached the minimum payout becaue i have not been a member for that long really. But i have seen proof of other people's payments so i feel confident that i will be paid once i reach payout. So here we go:

Treasure Trooper:
Current balance: 4.50
Each day you can take a survey for 75 cents. They say you can take one every day but thats really only if you qualify. If you don't qualify for any on that day then you have to try again tomorrow. You can also get paid to fill out offers like joining other sites and stuff but I am not interested in doing that.

Cash Crate:
Current balance: 1.60
Basically the same thing as the above mentioned, only you get 80 cents per survey completed.

Inbox Dollars:
Current balance: 10.50
Same thing as the first two only its $1.00 for each survey and you also get money for doing little profile surveys they are like25 cents each or something.

Paid to click sites
Current balance: 3.06
Basically you log in and there is a list of links for you to click on. They are 1 cent per link and there is usually like 15-17 a day.

Current balance: 4.49
Same thing, you log in and click on links. But you get a 3.00 bonus when you sign up. This site usually has only 4-5 links per day but they can be 1-3 cents. Sometimes they are all 3 cents so thats 12 cents a day.

Those 2 are my favourite pay to click sites. I am a member of other sites but i have stopped going to them lately because they dont pay as much. Like less than one cent per link. At first i figured if i was in enough of them it would really add up but i just dont think its worth my time anymore to spend like an hour clicking links and earning like 10 cents! lol. These sites that i am talking about are: Moratraffic, adverbux, titanclicks, clixsense etc. I wouldnt really recommend these. I do hear tho that clixsense is a good one if you upgrade...but if u dont you get like 1-2 clicks a day, not really worth it.

If anyone knows of other good PTC sites that pay atleast 1 cent per click and have atleast like 10-15 a day then feel free to let me know!


1stopmom said...

This is definitely a good idea, especially for thosse of us who are trying to find out which sites are truly legitimate. By the way, only one of your referral links are clickable. I think it is the first one.

MP said...

Hi -

I too do InBox Dollars - I have about $35 in my account. I also belong to a couple of the survey companies and have about $30 between the two of them. My plan is to get payment towards the end of the year and apply the $$ to my Roth IRA. I'm trying to fund as much as possible my Roth IRA from my "found" and "extra" money given I'm living on my emergency fund and will likely be going on long-term medical disability in a few months.