Monday, April 7, 2008

Do you shop when you're bored??

A recent post on another blog got me thinking about that fact that I like to shop when I'm bored. I haven't been doing this much lately, but whenever I was bored I would usually get up and go to Walmart. I would usually look through the clothes, shoes, pj's etc, sometimes I would convince myself I needed some more underwear, bra's etc. I mean you can always use those things so it's not a waste right?

Mind you I'm not as bad as some people I'm sure. Sometimes I will go out when I'm bored and not buy 1 thing. It's just the getting out of the house that I wanted. One time I went to Winners because I was bored and came home with like $150 of stuff that I put on Visa!

Just yesterday I was thinking of how bored I was and wouldn't it be nice to go to Walmart?? But I told myself, there is nothing you need to buy right now so stay home! It got me thinking, if I added up the prices of all the things I bought when I was bored, how much would that equal in one year?? Hundreds, or thousands?

Do you guys ever find yourself doing this?? Whats the most you spent in one day because you were bored??

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