Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Budget so far..

Since its the middle of the month I thought I would post how I am doing with my budget so far. Here is what it looks like right now:

Net Income: $1,300.00/$1056.38
Fixed Expenses
Rent: $200.00/$200.00
Cell Phone: $68.00/$67.47

Variable Expenses
Food at work: $100.00/$38.37
Eating out& fast food: $50.00/$49.17
Grocery: $30.00/$26.60
Makeup & personal items: $50.00/$16.60
Misc: $80.00/$0
Going out: $30.00/$0

OSAP: $500.00/$317.00
Savings account: $102.00/$50.00

So far I have not spent ANY money on clothes, going out or anything that would be considered miscellaneous.
I am already halfway to my monthly OSAP payment goal, thanks to my GST cheque this month.
I am also going to be way over in actual income this month, because there is an extra payday, due to the fact that there is an extra week in the year or whatever. Plus there's all that holiday pay from December.

I am probably going to go over in the eating out/fast food deparment, but it should be ok because I am still at $0 in those other categories.

So so far for January I am doing good in the my monthly "goals" are another matter...that will be another post. :S

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C said...

good job. keep it up! only 15 more days to go. :) And $183 go for OSAP.

I wish I had an extra pay day this month. Alas, I have to wait for April to get mine. ;___;