Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Take note of my now positive net worth!

Well guys, I am now in the plus signs! After the last OSAP payment I just made, along with a few more hundred dollars in savings, I am now at a net worth of $256.00! As excited as I was for this day to come, it really doesn't feel like that big of a deal now that it's happened. Although I must admit, now that I am at a positive net worth I really don't ever want to go back into negatives. This might be something to think about when I decide its time to get a car...but that's not something I will be doing anytime soon. Anyways, just thought I would give you guys an update! Hopefully this is going to be a good year financially :)


Money Minder said...

Yay for You!!! Congratulations! It's a milestone - you'll never be in the negative again.

C - The Asian Pear said...

congrats. :)

Fabulously Broke said...

It was pretty anti-climatic for me as well


That is such a relief.

Now it's just in the home stretch

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