Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cash only for the next two weeks..

After my pay check this past Friday, I had to pay my last OSAP payment, pay my parents rent, put about $120 on my credit card, then I put $100 aside for savings which only left me with about $100 or so plus about $25 in my wallet. I decided to just take out the $100 in cash and that is it until I get paid next. I thought if I just have it all in cash then I know exactly how much I have left.

Yesterday I spent:

$3.77 Dairy queen (first time going there this year...sooo good).

$25 girls night out (this included 1 martini and food + tip) My friend is moving away so it was our last night out before she left.


$10 - food.
I got a salad from Subway on my break, but they are really big so I asked for two containers and I split it in half right away so I can eat the other half tomorrow.

And I must of spent various other small amounts because I have exactly $77 left to last until my next payday. I think I will only let myself bring a small amount of money to work each day that way I can't spend too much.


Jolie said...

Bringing only a little bit each day is definitely a big help. There is just something about physically seeing the cash, which makes us think about our spending differently. Good luck this week.

The Asian Pear said...

I could never do this. It feels like the cash is burning a hole in my pocket urging me to spend. That's why on certain days I take no cash with me at all. ^_^;