Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I <3 Bulk Barn..

Today I wanted to try a few recipes, so I needed to pick up a few things. The recipes I made are:

Brazilian Cheese bread
Lemon Basil Chicken

Here's what I spent today:

$2.99 Tim Hortons

Food Basics
$1.97 Eggs
$1.99 Granola bars (those really good ones that taste like a chocolate bar, were on sale)
5.08 chicken breasts

Bulk Barn
$1.53 Tapioca flour
$0.11 Basil

This is why I love bulk barn. I got 500g of tapioca flour for $1.53 when the same amount at the grocery store was more than double the price. I was considering getting it at the grocery store so I wouldn't have to drive to Bulk Barn, but you can't beat the price difference. Not to mention the $0.11 basil. Mind you I got a very small amount cause I've never really used it before, and I didn't know if I would like it. But I have enough for another round of that chicken recipe left.

The results of my baking are...bread is gross, chicken is good. It said to bake the bread until it started to brown on the top which I did. It was hard on the outside and the inside looked like it was barely cooked. Just looking at it, it looks yummy, but it tastes gross. It was also too much garlic, if I was to try it again I would use maybe half the garlic. The chicken kinda looks gross when its frying, but I tasted it, and it's actually good :)

Lately I have been looking into gluten free/wheat free recipes, which is how I found that bread one. I need to use the rest of the tapioca flour so I will have to find some more recipes that call for it.


hustler said...

Oh my god. I just now got what
"<3" means. I kept reading "Less than 3". Wow.

hklover86 said...

ha ha ha. so funny! :)