Friday, July 31, 2009

July Recap


$1320 / $1602.40


Rent: $200 / $200
Cell Phone: $68 / $0
Car payment: $236.48 / $236.48
Car insurance: $215.33 / $215.33

Gas: $70 / $34
Groceries: $60 / $74.62
Personal: $50 / $46.35
Clothing: $75 / $151.20
Fast food/dining out: $50 / $137.90
Food at work: $50 / $41.55
Going out: $35.19 / $35.50
Misc:$60 / $517.35

Emergency Fund: $100 / $100
Investments: $50 / $25

Total Spent: $1320 / $1620.28

The Bad:
So I definately spent a lot this month. The reason my "misc" section is so high is because I bought two tickets to Cirque du Soleil (will be paid back for one). I also had to pay for my liscense and registration for my new car.

The good:
Income was higher this month due to working a holiday (about $82.56 extra after tax), GST check ( $94.50 up from $67.76!) and I got $100 for my birthday.

I didn't have a cell phone bill this month! I recently got a new phone ( a blackberry). My first bill after getting the new phone was higher than usual (around $100). This month for some reason I got a credit which left me with nothing owing infact I still have some credit left so my next bill will only be about half the amount! Weird!

I've set up automatic payments to my emergency fund and mutual funds that come out of my account each pay day. So it's an automatic $50 each pay to my emergency fund and $25 each pay to my mutual funds. The automatic payments to my mutual funds didnt start until my most recent pay day though.

So I'm kind of disappointed that I spent so much, because with that extra income I could of put all that towards my car loan or emergency fund! Ugh!

Next month is not going to be much better. I am going away to visit a friend so that will definately be a week of spending! But I am working a holiday again so that will be a little bit extra which will help to an extent.


Asian said...

well, look on the bright side... least you were under for a few categories. sides, now it's a new month. :)

lindah said...

You spent less than me on gas :) I think mines pretty much $20 a week if I drive normal but I been going to places a lot lately :(

I don't sell on ebay nor know how to really use ebay.. lol! I give some things to my sister and some things I just keep or if they accept returns. If I'm stuck with it, I find some way to use it but a majority of my stuff I use and keep :) I try to use things at least once a month since I've accumulated so much!