Monday, July 27, 2009

Updated blogroll

I have been meaning to update my blogroll for awhile but hadn't gotten to it until now. Here are the blog I've added:

PF Blogs:
Beauty Blogs:
Other Blogs:
Hopefully this list will lead you to reading some new blogs! :)


Carrie...On The Cheap said...

Cool! Thanks for the add!

The Asian Pear said...

I wasn't? o__o?
hahaha. I didn't even notice. thanks for the add. and thanks for all these links! I got more blogs to read now. :)

hklover86 said...

I hope I have lead you to some new favs! I just love discovering new blogs :)One of my fav things to do when bored is too just go through people's blogrolls and find new ones.

suzie wuzie said...

that's my fave thing to do too :) thanks for adding me on to ur blogroll. very honoured!

Anonymous said...

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