Monday, October 12, 2009

Who Knew I'd love Michaels so much...?

First off, I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers! I hope everyone had a great day and stuffed their face! :)

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been interested in learning how to make jewelry. I even bought this book off Amazon to get me started. I've been slowly purchasing various items, mostly at Michaels. Now, I always thought of Michaels as being fairly expensive, I never imagined I would end up shopping there so much. If you pay attention you can get great deals.

Every week in the Michaels flyer, there is a coupon for 40
% off one regular priced item of your choice. Now, the secret is, that when you go and use that coupon, they give you ANOTHER coupon that prints with your receipt, for the following week. So I started out with one coupon. Then they gave me one for the next week. Then, the next week rolls around and I cut the coupon out of the flyer again, so now I have two for that week. Then the next week, I would end up with three, and so on. Get it? The catch is that you can only use one coupon per day.
Ok, so you could probably go in like once in the morning a
nd once in the evening and they wouldn't recognize you, but I'm not nearly that sneaky. So if you don't mind going numerious days in a row you can basically get 40% off all the time!! The best part was for this week, there was a 50% off coupon to use during the weekend, and then the usual 40% off coupon for the rest of the week.

So I have gotten a few things at some great deals
Round Nose Pliers

Various "findings"- they are the items that you use to put the jewelry together like clasps etc. Pictured here from left to right are : jump rings, clasps and eye pins.

Various beads, I've got pink pearls, some circle pendants that have words like "faith" and "hope" written on them, and in the little bowl are some large black beads with like a rose impression on them and some clear crystal beads.

Here's a breakdown of what kind of savings I got:

Pliers: reg $11.99 - 40% coupon = $7.19
Black beads: sticker said $1.49 clearance but really they were: $0.98!
Eye pins: reg $4.99-40% coupon = $2.99
Pearls and clear crystal beads were reg $5.99 each on for 2 for $8.00
Circle word pendants: reg $5.99 - 30% (sale) = $4.19
Jump rings: reg $4.99 - 40% coupon = $2.99
Lobster Clasps: reg $4.99 - 50% coupon = $2.49

And of course they sell all kinds of other things like scrapbooking stuff, art supplies, holiday decor and tons of home organization stuff. Don't forget to check your flyer for the coupon!

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