Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Early Christmas to me!

Last night I got an email to do a survey with Clear Voice Surveys, a website I have been signed up with since earlier this year. I didn't qualify for this particular one but I decided to check my rewards balance. To my surprise I had over $10 which means I could redeem for something. There isn't many choices, just and gift cards, some restaurant gift card that I wasn't really interested in, and a prepaid Debit mastercard. At first I thought the Debit Mastercard was the best option but after doing some research I decided against that and went for the gift code instead.

And unlike Swagbucks where it takes forever to get your codes, this website gives it to you immediately! It's great! In case anyone is interested, the surveys are usually about $1-3 each and even if you do not qualify you get 10 cents. I would say on average I am getting about 3 invites a month. BTW, the link above is not a referral link, there is no way to get rewards for referring people as far as I know.

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