Sunday, March 20, 2011

How much does my daily face cost?

So I am totally copying Kim here because I thought this was a great post idea. These are the only things that I truly use every day and the totals are mostly estimated.

1. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser - $12
2. Marcelle Cleansing Water - $13
3. Cetaphil Daily facial moisturizer - $16
4. Mac Fix plus - $20
5. Skin food Aloe Sun BB cream - $13
(if you have never tried a BB cream I highly recommend it!)
6. Mac pro longwear concealer - $20
7. The Balm sexy mama translucent powder - $20
8. Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in Dark/Natural and Shimmer - $18.50 (got from a warehouse, its normally like $30 something)
9. Mac cream colour base $20

So just for calculations sake lets say these products are gonna last me a year so the total is $152.50 divided by 365 days = 42 cents a day! Not bad!!!


My money, my life said...

I have the same BB cream but with the mushroom scent. I find that it doesn't provide any coverage though. How do you use yours? Do you find that it provides coverage?

Oh and MAC Mineralize skinfinish is my favourite all-over face powder. I love that it doesn't get cakey easily. I got mine from the US Cosmetics Outlet for a good deal too!

My money, my life said...

hey I just saw your reply on my blog. In response, I haven't tried any other bb creams. But I have heard a lot of good stuff about the Missha cream. I would be careful thought - google for swatches, because I think some of the creams are too light or too gray.

Let us know which other cream you get, and how you like it!