Monday, December 19, 2011

I have a Happy Mac again!

Good news- my macbook is all fixed! I ended up calling Applecare and after awhile on the phone with them, they determined that my hard drive had most likely failed and I should take it to a store. So I brought it in this morning, and now I have a brand new hard drive and an upgraded operating system for free! It's like I have a new computer :) They also gave me my old hard drive to keep so that I can take it somewhere to have my data transferred over so I don't lose everything. So I'm pretty happy right now!!

While I was waiting for them to finish I had about an hour to spare, and I didn't even have any Christmas shopping to do. I went to Forever 21 which is a store I totally adore, that we don't have in my city. I ended up getting 2 tops (buy one get one free), a belt and a pair of earrings. I feel kinda weird, having bought myself something like a week before Christmas, but I'll get over it!

I'm still unsure about what to do about the RSP situation. As ideal as it would be to max out my company pension plan, AND also contribute to my own RSP, I don't feel that I can afford to do both. I also need to decide what to do with the approximate $2000 I have in RSP's from my old job. *sigh*

That second job that I spoke of a few posts ago is not so much anymore. He ended up getting a bunch of resumes and hired 2 girls. One full time and one part time which doesn't leave a lot of room for me. He asked me if I could work out with my main job to have like one certain day off every week but that's just not going to work.

I knew this day could come anytime but I was hoping it was not this soon. When I first decided to go work for him I told him I would help whenever I could but he would have to work around my schedule. He didn't have any other help so he was basically taking what he could get. I told him even if he wanted me to just help him until he found someone with better availability that would be fine. And now he has :( Anyways I don't think I am totally done there but its going to depend on what hours the other girls are working. Basically I will just try to fill in any way that I can. So basically I'm going from a few shifts a week to what is probably going to be a few per month.

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