Sunday, January 22, 2012

Low key sunday

This morning I went to Goodwill because it said on their website it was 75% off everything. Unfortunately I mis-read it ( but the sign was misleading!!) and it was only on the "red tag" items. Which is like, hardly anything. But I did manage to find a nice Mango top. This was only a dollar something, because it had the red tag. lol

I also picked up two books. The first one is Bill Clintons biography. I've read Hillary Clinton's and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So when I saw this one, I snatched it right up. The cover price is $50. I got it for $4 :)

Then I also picked up this old children's book from the 70's. Having my own library in my house is a big dream of mine so I want to start collecting books now. Not just books that I want to read but anything that looks interesting or antique. So I found this book called "Children's Guide to Knowledge".

It's basically a huge book of like random facts that children presumably should know, such as what British and French people are like, for example. lol.

It's a little strange but kind of cool at the same time so I thought hey why hot. And it was only $2.
I've spent the rest of the day just kinda cleaning up, putting away laundry, uploading music to my computer (since I got it fixed and lost it all) and reading a bit of material for school. Pretty low key, which is how I always like to spend my sundays off :)

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Michelle P said...

Looks like good deals!