Sunday, January 8, 2012

So Close to an iPhone

Just thought I would write a few random updates on what is happening with me. In case you were wondering what I did about my RRSP dilemma, I'm going to tell you. I decided to contribute the $2000 a year to the company pension plan ( about $76 per pay) in order to get the $1000 match. I also opened a group RRSP which I am going to transfer the RRSP's from my old job into this account. For both, I picked the most aggressive type of account because of the fact that I am young and can handle any market fluctuations. As time goes on I will make the necessary changes of course. I am still going to try hard to keep contributing to RRSPs outside of the company ones as well.

Speaking of money, a few posts ago I mentioned that my second job wasn't looking so good anymore because he hired 2 girls. He ended up emailing me asking if I could do some shifts and gave me a copy of this months schedule for me to see when I can fit myself in. So hopefully I will be able to continue to make extra cash to put towards my many goals! :)

I mentioned in the last post that when I went boxing week shopping I got 2 tops from Banana Republic. I have to say that it may now be one of my favourite stores. The material is so soft and comfortable and the clothes are classy. I think I will make more of an effort in the future to watch for their sales.

Did you guys know that the rapper Jay-Z wrote a book? It's called Decoded and was one of the books I was hoping to get for Christmas. I didn't get it for Christmas, so I went online and bought it for myself off It was about $18 on Amazon where as the list price is $28.95 retail. So I saved a few bucks. I also got free shipping cause I ordered something else. I just have to tell you guys THIS BOOK IS AMAZING. I have to admit I first heard about it on Oprah. She had it in her "favourite things". I was never a super huge fan of his music I mean I liked some of his stuff but I don't own any of his albums or anything. But I had heard that he used to be a drug dealer before he got famous and so I thought it would be interesting. IT IS. It's not your typical autobiography. It doesn't dig too too far into his personal life as some do, and so far there is no mention of Beyonce. Instead, it is more about the music itself, the hip-hop/rap genre and the evolution of the music. I'm telling you, you need to read this book. If you are a super huge fan, like a few songs, or just like a good read you need to pick up this book!!

Now on to what the title of this post is about. I decided to bite the bullet and get an iPhone. Today I called Bell and told them that I am eligible for an upgrade (have been getting luring text messages) and I wanted to upgrade but I said I wasn't entirely happy with the plan I have and was wondering if they would offer me something better. The first guy I got wasn't really trying too hard. He was just telling me about the various rate plans they have on the website. After a few of his attempts I said I didn't feel he was really offering me anything better than what I already have. He transferred me to retentions which is exactly what I wanted and the woman offered me something that I was happy with. It's just slightly cheaper per month, but I would gain the "fab 10", more data, and of course keep my unlimited texts which is a MUST for me. The plan is normally the same as what I pay now, but she offered 10% off plus caller ID and voicemail free, no system access fee, and waive part of the activation fee. She put the notes on my account and I was free to go get the phone. Too bad the 16GB iPhone 4s is on back order. There is none currently in my city I am told, so I am on the waiting list for one. Cross your fingers for me that I get it sooner rather than later!!


Michelle P said...

I hope you get the phone soon! My upgrade is in March and I plan on getting one then.

My money, my life said...

let us know if you get what you were promised on the phone. I've been through a few of the end-of-contract / customer-retentoins loops with Rogers, and each time they promise something on the phone and then give me a different offer later... But then again, Rogers is notoriously crappy in terms of customer service. hopefully Bell offers you want they said on the phone. hope you get the phone soon! get a reflex screen cover from ebay, it doubles as a mirror and is so handy!

Miss T @ Prairie Eco-Thrifter said...

I have an iphone and I love it. My contract will be up later on this year which is when I plan on getting the latest version. They are just so handy.