Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend Recap

Well this weekend was a long weekend some people, but not for us retail folk! The good part was my work was closed Friday AND Sunday, which was super awesome, but made for a crazy insane Saturday.

I had a great start to the weekend on Thursday night. Apparently it's a bit of a tradition at my work for everyone to go out on the Thursday before Easter. It's a great idea because it's not like anyone has to work on the Friday! Even though nobody from my department was really going, I still went and had a fabulous time! Had some (or lots) of drinks, good conversation and danced with some other girls. It was a really great time! I was also kind of celebrating being done all the schoolwork for this semester!!

On Friday I went to visit my friend who lives in a town about 40 mins from my town. She had a baby a few months ago and it was my first time seeing her since. We went out for dinner while her husband watched the kids.

Saturday kind of sucked at first, because work was so crazy. But it slowed down a bit for the last few hours and we were really able to get things cleaned up and looking good for Monday which is going to be insane again.

Today we had our "Easter dinner" which is basically a normal dinner at my house. We don't really make a big deal of easter in my family. My mom cooks a turkey which is the only thing "special" about it really because she only makes turkey for Easter and Thanksgiving and Christmas basically.

So this week I've got 2 shifts at my second job which is great for the savings funds. I pretty much plan to spend my free time studying for my exam which is next week, and hopefully getting in a few runs. (Yes I've started running, which I will post more about later). Anyways, that was my Easter weekend, how was everyone else's??


unabashedlyashley said...

I love any excuse for turkey. We did our dinner last weekend. I worked all of this weekend - except the stat :(

hklover86 said...

I love turkey too, but I think I might love ham more..