Friday, April 6, 2012

Help Me Choose

I saw these bracelets mentioned on another blog and I decided I had to have one. I can't remember what blog it was and I don't think I bookmarked it otherwise I would link it.  I love all things nautical themed but I just can't decide which one!

Abaft the Beam $40

Blakes Yacht Club $40

Drocks Paddle Rack $38

Honey Fitz $40

Which one do you like best??


lil desiqua said...

Ohmygoodness those are adorable! I think I like the pink/blue/white one because it has a knot which i think adds a little extra something special.

I hope you share which one you get!

unabashedlyashley said...

Drocks! So cute!

moose said...

love that navy and white one - simple, understated , and will go with almost everything!

*♥alentinaDang said...

being safe I'd go for the navy one, it's pretty timeless

the first one is okay

I love the two pink ones too but awfully hard to match unless you own a lot of white and navy in your closet! :)