Thursday, June 14, 2012

19 days to go

19 days to go and I'm getting more excited and anxious by the day. Excited because I anticipate this being a somewhat life altering experience but anxious because it's my first time flying and therefore obviously my first time going overseas. What if I forget something really important?? What if I run out of money? What if I lose something? Gah!

Heres everything I've done so far in preparation:
- I've called both of my credit card companies to notify them of my trip
- I've also spoke to both my banks about accessing my accounts overseas and got both to put notes on        my file about it
-Ive registered with the "Registration of Canadians Abroad" service through the government. It was pretty easy.
-Ive borrowed luggage and an electrical adapter/converter thing from my co-worker.

I still need luggage tags. I wanted to get some super cool ones off Ebay but I waited too long and then I was paranoid about spending my money and possibly not getting them in time. So I will probably just go buy the generic ones they have the luggage store at the mall. I'll probably also look for a cheap scarf or decorated tape at the dollar store or something to put on my luggage to make it easier to find at the airport.

I've bookmarked my banks currency exchange rates page and check it every day. I'm waiting for a day when it looks good to place my order for some Euros. Since I only plan to bring a few hundred euros in cash they said they don't really need that much notice because they always have that much in stock.

I also have to call the travel agent to confirm the weight limit for my luggage. I checked the airline's website but I found it really confusing. Silly portuguese airlines!

Anyways I guess all that's really left to do is figure out what to pack in terms of clothes. Should be pretty simple...yeah right! lol

I'll leave you with some travel related pins I'm loving right now:

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unabashedlyashley said...

My mom got super cute cupcake luggage tags for me from Dollarama ;)