Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Latest Goodwill Finds and Life Updates

I have always wanted to get this book so I was super excited to find it. 

Friends Authorized Collectors Edition
My all time favourite show so I couldn't pass this by. 

American Eagle Shorts
Always need more work-appropriate shorts


Lily White Animal print top

All the above stuff was bought on half price day which is pretty much the only time I go.

And now onto the little tidbits about what's going on with me:

-I put another $500 towards my car loans when I realized I was saving way too much money for my upcoming Mexico trip in December, considering its already paid for and it's all inclusive. My car loan is now down to $4500. I'm hoping to have this paid off by early next year. 

-Since coming back from vacation I've sorta fell off the losing weight/being fit band wagon. I haven't gone running or really done much exercise, but on the plus side I have not gained any weight back either. 

- But I did go back to hot yoga for the first time last week. It was brutal. Not only was it my first time back in a few months, I also picked one of the hardest classes cause I wasn't paying attention to the schedule. It's pretty pricey but I like the place and you can't deny the results you get from it, so I'm gonna suck it up and keep going. I bought a ten class pass for $140. This should last about 2 months or so because I will likely only be going about once a week. With my schedule being so random its hard to know when I'll be able to go, which is why I got a ten class pass instead of like a monthly unlimited pass. 

-I finally bought one of those SmashBooks that I mentioned before. I used my 40% off Michaels coupon so it was $12 instead of $20. 

-We have the Labour Day long weekend coming up, and although I don't have the whole weekend off, I do have two days in a row off which is pretty rare for me! So I'm hoping to relax and enjoy the time off, and I'm planning to try out a few recipes I found on Pinterest of course. 

What are your plans for this weekend? Do you have the long weekend off?

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The Asian Pear said...

Nice top!

Enjoy the weekend.

As for me, tonight I'm going to the CNE and then this weekend to the Toronto Zoo with my parents. Should be fun!