Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Ramblings

After the last Sunday Social where I answered the first question with wanting to start my own business, I started thinking more about taking baby steps in that direction. Basically what I want to do is start a business re-selling thrifted items. My love of thrifting started off with going to Goodwill to look for cheap books. I love to read but I hate how expensive books are. And you get the same story no matter where you buy it or whether or not its been read, so why pay full price?? After going a couple times to look for books I ventured into the clothes area. I used to think that the idea of buying used clothing was like "gross" or only for people who have no money. Somehow I fell in love with it. I love the thrill of the hunt, never knowing what you are going to find and then the excitement when you score a really high value brand name item in great condition for super cheap!! I figured, why not turn my love of thrifting into a business and help pass on the great deals to others. Of course I am looking to make a profit but I would still be helping other to get stuff for less than retail, which everybody loves right?

I've never even sold anything on ebay before so I figured I need to start listing items I already have here to get the hang of it and build up a rating. I have a Coach check book cover that came with my wallet I bought awhile back. I don't use checks at all so it has never been used. I decided to list that on ebay. Unfortunately I couldn't even get past the first step of choosing a category to list my item! It would ask me to type in a keyword, and then it brings up some categories to choose from. I pick my category and click continue. Then I get an error message telling me I need to select a category and the box I checked is now NOT checked. Ummm ok so I check it again and hit continue, and again the same thing. After some research I learned that I am not the only person having this problem! It seems to be some glitch or something so I think I'm just going to wait and try again in a few days.

Aside from that, nothing too exciting has been happening over here. I am deeply saddened that the Tim Hortons smile cookies are gone though! I loved those cookies and probably bought at least 5 of them during the time they were on sale.

Soooo good!

Last night was the season 5 premiere of my FAVOURITE show, Castle. It was everything I imagined and now I can't wait for next Monday. It's the only thing that I like about Mondays thats for sure! Whats even better is that I figured out this girl on my Facebook loves the show too. We grew up in the same hometown but she's a few years older so we weren't really good friends or anything but I think she babysat me once. Anyways we are both royally obsessed and talk about Castle on Facebook all the time. Well after last nights episode we were discussing how amazing it was (of course) and another lady joined in that she (and her daughter who I also know) are hooked on it as well. So now I can look forward to not only watching the show but our post-Castle discussions as well :)

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