Monday, February 18, 2008


Well today is the new holiday in Ontario called Family Day. So with my extra day off I have decided to make a post about coupons. There are lots of places to get coupons on the internet ( more for americans than canadians i find) and its kinda fun to search for them. I just love using coupons because it doesnt hurt to save a dollar or two here and there. The best part for me is that I can use the coupons on top of my work discount ( I work at a drug store). This sometimes makes for huge savings.

The first site I stumbled upon is This site is just for canadians and it is great!! Basically you check off the coupons that you want and then you enter your address and they send them to you in the mail. I ahve always gotten mine fairly promptly (within 3-4 days). Some coupons I have gotten from there are:

1.00 off Michelina's Advantage
1.00 off McCain's Slow cooker solutions ( FYI do you know how expensive those are?? I saw them in sobeys for 8.99! Even with 1.00 off thats still pretty pricey! )
1.00 royale bathroom tissue
3.00 off Nice N Easy perfect 10 hair colour
and many many more!!

Another great sourse is the P&G Brand Saver. This is a booklet that comes in the mail every so often with TONS of coupons to cut. They are from great brands like Cover Girl, Gilette, Olay, Head and Shoulders, Pantene, Tampax etc. You can also get them online at but they are only available for a limited time. You could cut them out of the booklet in the mail and then order them offline as well for duplicates! Here are some examples of coupons I have gotten from Brandsaver:
1.00 off any Olay ribbons body wash
1.00 off any Head and Shoulders shampoo or 2 in 1
1.00 off Duracell coppertop batteries
2.00 off any Olay Quench Therapy body lotion
2.00 off any Pantene Pro-v Expressions or Restoratives shampoo, conditioner, styler or treatment
4.00 off any Gilette Venus, Divine, Vibrance or Breeze razor
1.00 off any Tampax
.50 cent off any Secret product
2.00 off any Covergirl face product

plus many more!

Those are my two favourite places!

There is also,,, and

I have not personally gotten a lot of coupons from those 4 sites, because since I've been going to them I havent really seen a lot of coupons for things I normally buy but I have gotten a few. I guess it just depends on your shopping habits. Well that is my post for today..happy coupon searching!

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