Sunday, February 24, 2008

Some more sites I have found..

Well my weekend turned out to be pretty good money wise! My mom and I decided to go to the casino and I came home $70 richer! That was pretty sweet and then I did my tax return online and it told me Im getting over $1000 back! So I was pretty excited about that! Now I just have to think carefully about what to do with the money. I know i am putting the majority of it to my student loan debt, but I plan to keep a few hundred for myself, what I will do with that portion is not yet determined. Anyways the reason I am posting today is to tell you about more sites I found.

In the process of going through random blogs to find ones that I liked I found this really cool site! Basically it reviews all the PTC sites out there. There is a "boycott list" which lists the sites that have been found not to pay, and if you click on the " seal of approval program" it lists many sites that have been proven to pay. There is soooo many sites to choose from.

Here is the site:

After looking through it i joined a site called WBAdvertising. So far this site has been great. In the first day I earned 29 cents just from clicking banners. This is a lot to get from one site in one day. I think there was like over 200 banners to click. I hope there is that many every day! Click the banner below to go to the site:

I also found a few other cool sites. One is called Netwinner. Basically you get to play games for free and win points and once you have so many points you can redeem them for gift cards. There is two games: Banko and Moneywheel. Banko is just like Bingo and you get 10 free cards per day. Moneywheel is like a wheel of numbers and u pick 5 numbers (or do a quick pick and the computer randomly picks for you) and then you spin the wheel and see if you win points. In this game you get 100 free spins per day.

Click here to join Netwinner:

Another site I found is Winzy. It is similar to Moola. Each time you use the search engine you get points and sometimes a random game will come up where you can spin to win more points. You can also go to the arcade and play games where you can bet points to win points. You get 250 points for each person you refer, and each point you have is one entry into the monthly sweepstakes to win $1000! You can redeem points for gift cards just like in Netwinner!
Heres my link!

I have a few other sites in mind but I think I will save those for another post. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

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