Sunday, March 16, 2008

Huge OSAP payment!

Well I finally got my tax refund and it was $1078.00!!!
So far with that I have splurged on:
- "Pure Poison" perfume by Dior (about 70.00 including my employee discount)
- a pink limited edition CHI flat iron

Last week I made an OSAP payment (student loan) of $185.00, and then today I paid off $650.00!! That means this month I have paid $835.00!! THats pretty good considered my min payment is like $115.00.

Does anyone shop at Garage Clothing? This used to be my favourite store and I couldnt walk in there without getting anything. But lately it seems they are just getting so expensive. These days, I pretty much only buy things on sale there. There is always stuff on sale in the back, if you see something that you want, you just wait a few weeks and then its on sale. Thats if it doesnt sell out. Today I got a tank top for $10 that used to be $15 so I saved $5. My CHI flat iron was also on sale for $179 (according to the sticker it used to be $250 ). I think they just pretend it used to be more so you think you are getting a deal. Do you notice stores doing that alot?? I do, even my own work does that. As if no one will notice! I would love to hear your experience with this if anyone has a story to share!

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