Sunday, March 30, 2008

New goals for the near future

I started this blog around the middle of February. My intention was to be able to make money off my blog with those websites that pay you to blog about stuff. Some sites only require your blog to be 1 month old so I figured hey, ill be able to start earning by the beginning of April. Or NOT!

I'm not even going to bother to submit my blog to these sites yet because I am almost positive I'll get rejected or put on some probation status for lack of traffic to my blog. So, I'm going to do a lot more research and put more effort into getting traffic to this baby before I event think of submitting my blog to these sites.

Since I recently got a raise at work I've been thinking about investing. I still don't make a lot, but I figure I can put about $50-150 a month into investments. I think I am going to read some books first, maybe "Investing for Dummies" or something like that because I honestly don't know anything about RRSP's, mutual funds etc etc. If anyone out there has read any GREAT books about personal finance for beginngers, please recommend!

Another thing I've been thinking about is starting to save my small change in a jar. Whenever I have small change in my wallet I'm going to put it into my little money jar and watch it grow. Today I put about $1.00 or so into it.

Once again, I would appreciate any book recommendations!

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1stopmom said...

the change jar is such a good idea. I was just talking to my dad about a site I was visiting and the mom talked about how she put all her loose change in jar just to see how it would add up. 3 months later she had over $150 in it!! so it is worth it, good luck!!