Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I just joined PPP!

Good news! I just joined
I'm so excited because I have heard a lot of good stuff about them from other bloggers. I was a little worried I would not get approved because my blog isnt that old and there is not a lot of content yet but I got approved! It sounds pretty cool so far, and you get $20 for your first post! You can also get paid $15 for each person that you refer. You get to pick the stuff you want to write about which is way better than waiting for something to be assigned to you and them deciding if you want it. When I saw other bloggers writing about it in their blogs I thought I have to get into this! It sounded like a great opportunity to earn some extra money. It was through word of mouth that I heard about this great site so lets spread the word of mouth ethics

I'm really excited to be entering the world of paid blogging! Of course I do not expect to earn a huge income from this or anything but hopefully a little extra money to put into savings for perhaps a car! Even like an extra $100 a month would help out. If anyone hasnt signed up yet you really should!

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