Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Great buys at Walmart!

Has anyone else noticed the improvements made at Walmart(canada)lately? The other night I stopped in there after work. I was really looking for roller blades, but that search failed seeing as they hardly had any. So then I looked around in the other departments, cause when I go to Walmart I have to look around even if I am only there for one thing. Now, I love Hello Kitty. I always look in the pajama section for Hello Kitty stuff, because there usually is some. Not only was there Hello Kitty stuff but I scored two pairs of pj pants for $4.96 each!!! They were the only ones that were that cheap! All the other stuff (winnie the pooh, care bears, betty boop etc) was all more expensive. Only these 2 pairs of Hello Kitty pants were $4.96! Then i was looking in the clothes section and they had a lot of really cute stuff. The prices are already pretty good but I decided not to get anything because all that stuff I liked will probably be on clearance in like 2-3 weeks anyways. I am wearing one pair of my HK pants right now, and enjoying every minute :)

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Bettsi McComb said...

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