Tuesday, June 3, 2008

May Income and Expenses

I've decided to start tracking my spending so I can figure out where I need to spend less so I can start saving more. I didn't keep all my receipts from May so I'm just going on my bank statement here. For this month I am going to keep all my reciepts so i know exactly where everythings going.

regular pay: $1336.42
vacation pay: $159.58
Payperpost: $18.98
Total Income: $1514.98

What I spent:
Student loan payment: $150.00
Bank fees: $10.55
Gas: $20.00
Clothes/accessories: $120.89
Book: 31.49
ATM withdrawls: $204.50
Cell phone: $67.00
Nails: $50.95
gym: $166.95
makeup: $63.99
friends bday dinner: $46.55
groceries: $61.34
new camera: $98.45
money spent at my place of work: $173.87 (this would be a combination of personal care products and various snacks/drinks bought on my break)
total spent: $1266.53

Total Income - expenses: $1512.98- $1266.53= $248.45

Transfereed $200.00 to savings account.

cell phone: this probably seems like a lot to some of you, but here is why I pay this much. I have a really good plan. It is a student plan (even tho I'm not a student you just have to look like one! hehe) that includes a LOT of stuff that would normally cost extra on most plans such as call display, voicemail, some long distance etc for $40/month. Then I added unlimited texting for $10/month. so thats $50 plus the system access fee each month plus tax.

nails: i dont normally get my nails done, but I went on vacation and just kinda felt like getting them done for when I went away. This is not an expense you will see very often.

gym: heres why its so high. my mom and I got a discount for having our fees come out of the same account. I eventually just stopped asking her to give me the money for it because I figure since I cant really afford to pay rent, paying this for her is the least I can do. Plus the fee is bi-weekly, so sometimes its twice a month and sometimes its 3 times a month. This month there was 3.

new camera: I didnt really NEED a new camera. They were on sale at work and it was regular almost $300. Plus my older one was kinda bulky and this one fits in my pocket. Perfect for nights out on the town!

I have to admit, May was a bad month for me. I am usually pretty good with my money. I told myself after my vacation I need to watch what I spend. Since I wasnt keeping my reciepts or anything, I have no idea where I spent my cash, I was just looking at when I withdrew cash from the bank. This month I am recording everything so I will be able to provide a more detailed chart next time. Then I can figure out where I need to cut back!

Feel free to leave any comments and try not to scold me too much! :)

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Fabulously Broke said...

At least you're starting to track expenses. :) Most people don't even get off their ass to do that....