Wednesday, July 2, 2008

June Spending


Regular pay:
Vacation pay: $193.90
Other: $30 (gift from grandfather)
Total income: $1349.26

Fast Food: $124.46
(including lunch bought while working)
Clothing/accessories: $90.85
Makeup/skincare: $32.23
gym fee: $ 111.30
Misc $36.15
gifts: $18.89
Groceries: $71.81
personal items: $55.49
Going out: $32.25
Visa payments: $270
Student Loan payment: $250

Cell phone: $67.00

Total Expenses: $1160.43

Income - expenses: $188.83

Money transferred to savings account $141.00

Current visa balance: $216.15

So this is the first month that I have really tracked my spending. I actually didn't spend as much on food as I thought I did, but its still more than I need to. Even the amount I spent on clothes was not what I would normally spend. I think this is because I spent so much on my trip in May, so I was really trying to watch it. I didn't think I spent much going out this month so that isn't really a realistic amount of a typical month. My minimum payment for my student loan is $115 so as you can see I paid a lot more so that is really good. I've decided I'm not going to create a budget yet, I'm going to track my spending for July and then make a budget.


Fabulously Broke said...

Hey! Not bad at all! You've done great :)

Now you can really see where you can start trimming the fat off your budget (or budgeting properly so you don't go over)

hklover86 said...

thanks!! :)
yeah im going to wait and see what i spend for july then i will sit down and make a budget. then hopefully i can stick to it! LOL