Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another raise and spending less!

Well, I'm going to get another raise! I finished this course at work, which included me passing a test that seemed to take forever (luckily I got to try as many times as needed!) so I will be getting a $0.75 raise! Its not that much, but every little bit helps right?

I have also really cut down on spending money on breaks at work. I used to buy my lunch/dinner every Subway or pizza. On the weekend I bought two bags of those Skillet Sensations, its like a frozen dinner that you can just throw on the frying pan and cook or you can also microwave it. One bag is like 2-3 servings. So I have been taking that each day. Then I would buy something small at work like a chocolate bar and maybe some juice or something. So I haven't eliminated the spending, but it's been cut down which is not bad. I also bought a little notebook at the dollar store so I can really keep track of my spending, I especially wanted it for tim hortons or starbucks purchases where u dont usually get a receipt. This way I can write it down right away so I dont forget!

I was never totally irresponsible with my money, but lately I am finding that I am almost the complete opposite. I was at the mall and there was a few things I wanted but I talked myself ouf of buying them, and now that I am home, I almost wish I did buy them! Such as a really nice necklace at Aldo, and some new tights (for wearing like underneath a long sweater or something). I find that I am doing that a lot lately. I see something that I want, and I will talk myself out of buying it, even if it's not really expensive, then when I get home I want it! I think next week on a day off I am going back to the mall for some of those items!

Does anyone else find themself doing that lately?


SavingDiva said...

I need to stop eating out so much! So far this month, I've spent $110 this month on eating out...from a $150 food budget, it's the majority of my budget!!!

hklover86 said...

yeah i know what that is like!!!

Fabulously Broke said...

All raises are good raises..

Anonymous said...

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