Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I love my discount..

The other day at work on my break I shopped for a few personal care/beauty items.

Here's what I bought:

Head and Shoulders shampoo: $8.49
-minus $1.00 off coupon and discount
= $4.94
Pure Divine Body Wash: $7.49
-minus $1.00 off coupon and discount
Covergirl Trublend Foundation: $13.99
- minus $2.00 off coupon and discount

So with my discount plus coupons, plus tax the total was $19.70! Under 20 dollars! Normally that all would be about $33.00 :)

p.s. has anyone noticed that body wash is getting expensive? Its like almost as much as shampoo!


Fabulously Broke said...

I love using coupons too!

But as for body wash, I just use shampoo suds LOL... talk about being frugal huh? It also cuts down on having another bottle to travel with or clog up my bathroom with

hklover86 said...

shampoo suds?? ha ha i have definately not heard that before!

FruGal said...

well done! I'm in the UK, and I've seemed to notice that BOTH shampoos and body wash are getting a bit pricier. but isn't everything these days?