Friday, December 12, 2008

New user review site

*this is a sponsored post*

There is this cool new site called acobay. Basically it's like a social networking site, only its about connecting with people that own/like the same things as you, such as cars, books, computers, cell phones, music etc. You can read other people's opinions on things and offer yours as well. Check out the review I wrote on my laptop. Even if you don't own a certain item you can read what others are saying about it to see if you want it for yourself. For instance I have been really interested in the Blackberry phones, so I looked up some reviews. Here is an excellent review of the Blackberry curve. I think I want to get a blackberry type phone for my next cell phone, because I want a full keyboard for easier texting. As you are browsing through the site, whenever you see something you want you can click on this little gift icon, which adds the item to your wish list. There is also a network section, where the site automatically shows you networks of people that own all the same stuff as you. This website is pretty new so there is not a lot of members/reviews yet, but once it gets more members it will be come a great go-to site for user reviews!

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