Thursday, January 1, 2009

December Expenses

Money Left Over from November: 320.99
Income In Dec: $1307.23

Rent: 200.00
Fast Food/eating out: 53.54
Meals at work: 111.09
Clothes: 102.97
Makeup/personal items: 82.23
Misc: 127.43 (dvds i got on boxing day, storage for my room)
Grocery: 36.87
cell: 67.47
OSAP: 775.21
Prescription: 44.10 (will get 90% back)
Gift: 5.03
Total Expenses: $1605.84

No spending days: 5

I didn't include purchases of christmas presents because I already had the money saved from previous months. The $5.03 is from 2 christmas cards. This leaves me with about 22.00 not accounted for which is not too bad, I probably forgot to write down a few things that I bought. So now that I have been tracking my expenses for a few months, I have come up with a budget that I will try to follow from now on, which will be in a later post!

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