Monday, January 5, 2009

January Goals

Along with my goals for 2009 I'm going to set goals each month to try and keep myself on track. So here are my goals for January.

1. Pay $500 towards OSAP.

2. Finally do my initial deposit to my ING savings account.
( I have had this account for months, but was putting off ordering a bunch of cheques, just to use one check, but I may not have a choice. But I read on another blog that the PC Finanical tax free savings account is like 3.75%, and ING's is only 2.70!! How is that possible? ING used to always have the highest interest, did they not?? any thoughts here?)

3. Get my credit report. Never done this before, think its about time.

4. Go to the gym atleast 4 times

5. Work out at home atleast 4 times.

P.S. Is there any kind of website that will tell you all the banks interest rates like in a comparison chart or anything?


Money Minder said...

you can look at interest rate tables at the National Post website. Click on Financial Post, and one of the headings will be rates. Click on savings (or whatever product you are comparing) and the list will pop up.

hklover86 said...

thank you! I knew there had to be one somewhere. I will check this out for sure.

zeromoney said...

the pc financial TFSA is definitely a better deal.. if you aren't already banking with them you should. You'll end up with $30 worth of free groceries (roughly) and no bank fees ever..

also, i don't work for PC haha, i just love the free banking, been using them for 4+ years.

hklover86 said...

money minder: according to that chart you told me about PC financial's rate is only 2.75%, NOT 4% that i had read thats only like 0.05% more than ING