Thursday, March 19, 2009

Air Miles

I am really glad that I got my American Express credit card with Air Miles. I have been using it a lot, not for every day purchases, but for whenever I go to Walmart, or the mall..etc. I'm currently sitting at 215 Air Miles. It's really not that many, but there are some good prizes that I can get already.

For 185 Air Miles, I could get a $25 gift card to The Gap, Chapters, Roots, Banana Republic, or Laura Secord. 200 Air Miles gets me $25 at Starbucks and 170 Air Miles gets me $20 at Second Cup. I already have so many things to choose from! I can't really decide if I should keep saving for something bigger or not so I am going to leave it for now.

Speaking of rewards points, I'm thinking of renewing my HBC rewards card. I have one, but I guess it expired or something and I never renewed it. The reason I have been thinking of renewing it is because I like to shop at the MAC counter at The Bay here, and I never would of guessed that you could get the points there but you can, because it's in The Bay. Then when I have lots of points I can redeem them for MAC products!

Does anyone else collect Air Miles or HBC rewards? What have you redeemed them for so far?


C - The Asian Pear said...

I collect air miles as a rewards card but I only have about 50 airmiles because I don't shop where you can get points.

My HBC card I've redeemed about $80 rebate. I bought a luggage at The Bay and in the end, I only had to pay an extra $40 including tax.

I also have a Scotiabank SCENE rewards movie card. I only have 500 pts on it though as I don't usually have to pay to get into movies since I know someone who gets us in for free.

My biggest rewards points are Shopper's Drug Mart though. I have over 150,000 points. As such, I can redeem over $150 of stuff. And if I choose to redeem it on a Redemption Special Day, I can get over $400 of stuff. :D I love Shopper's!

Fabulously Broke said...

I am 100% loyal to my PC Points Mastercard because I love buying groceries and getting $20 off because of 20,000 points :)

But you can also get gift cards through them, which reminds me.. I ought to check my balance.

Fabulously Broke said...

Oh and I used to have a Visa Shopper's Optimum until they nixed THAT program *hmmphs*

I never use the Visa now.

hklover86 said...

FB- they are now coming out with a Shoppers Optimum mastercard! so you can get that!

Anonymous said...

I use airmiles for all my business expenses.

I can earn 300-800 miles a month using my BMO gold mastercard.

I do not change any of my buying habits --- I've always used shell gas even before the card.

I rarely buy 'double airmiles' products to achieve more points.

I had my miles up to 8500 but I redeemed for an electric razor and 2 movies passes to cineplex.

Cineplex is a good deal. 150 air miles for 2 tickets, 2 pops, 2 popcorns. That's well over $40.00 bucks right there.