Sunday, March 1, 2009

February Spending

Here's what I spent in February:



Rent: $200/$200
Cell Phone: $68/$67.47

Food at work: $70/$58.38
Eating out/Fast food:$50/$54.94
Makeup/Personal items:$50/$108.10
Misc: $80/$91.54
Going out: $30/$25.58

OSAP: $500/$350
Savings: $102/$40
Portugal fund: $0/$200

I was under in a few categories and over in others. I think all my variable expenses pretty much evened out. I didn't put too much towards my student loan or savings this month,because I put more to the trip fund. Oh, and the main reason I spent so much on makeup was because the MAC loves Hello Kitty collection came out which I had been waiting for and I spent about $80 on that!

Here's how I did on my goals for the month:


1. Bring lunch to work atleast 10 days of the month.
Result: 9 days!!! Pretty good!!

2. Go to gym atleast 4 times.
Result: I went 4 times! Actually 2 of those times was swimming, but thats still exercise, so I'm counting it.

3. Start a list book
Result: done! See here.

4. Have 5 no spend days
Result: 7!! YAY ME

5. Mail away initial deposit cheque to ING and get my savings organized.
Result: Done! See this post.

6. Go to library
Result: Done! I checked out 3 books. One was a really good one that I am going to post about.

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