Friday, March 27, 2009

My Latest Discovery!

I'm so excited to tell you guys about this place I found. I found this warehouse in my town that sells makeup for less than retail! AND THEY SELL MAC! I'm so so so excited that I found this place. They don't have like, tons and tons of it, but they have a good amount. The only thing that sucks is that its in a glass case, so you have to ask to see the things you want to look at. It's obviously to prevent theft, because its the most expensive line in there.

They also sell a bit of Cover girl, maybelline, L'oreal, Pupa, and TONS of Sally Hansen and NYC. They also have a lot of hair products, skin care, hand/feet stuff, etc
etc. It's like heaven for anyone who is big on makeup/skin care products. I was told they get new MAC about every 6 weeks or so, so I will definately be checking back regularly! The weirdest part is, this place has existed for years and I never knew about it!

I spent about $62.00 which was going overboard a little, but I got stuff for so much cheaper than retail that I couldnt help it. I got:

MAC lipglass: $10.50 vs $16.50 retail
MAC blush: $13.50 vs $21.00 retail

MAC mineralize skinfinish: $18.50 vs $32.50 retail
(2) Sally Hansen line smooth mineral lip treatment: $2 vs $7-10 retail
Sally Hansen foot cream: $2.00 vs $7-10 retail
Sally Hansen airbrush legs: $3.99 vs $6-9 retail
LaCoupe perfect curls conditioner: $3.99 vs $8-10 retail.

So I saved atleast $50 minimum which is pretty cool. It's a good thing this place is on the other side of town in an area that I hardly drive near so I won't be going that often! If it was on my side of town I would be in trouble! Here's a picture of my goodies:


The Asian Pear said...

those are awesome deals.

question... i've seen the sally hanson airbrush legs thingeee in stores before. and I've always wondered how they are as a product. could you comment on them if htey're a good product please?

hklover86 said...

haha funny you ask because I just tried it the other day, the end result is not that bad, but they are so messy to use!! It says you are supposed to spray in into your hands and then rub on your legs. I thought that sounded dumb so i thought i would just spray onto my hands and rub around, uhh that was not a good idea. It is better to do what the can says. I did it in the bathtub and ended up with a half orange bathtub that didnt come off easily and i had to get some "Easy-off BAM" bathroom cleaner thing to get the orange off! lol

if you do it like you are supposed to the result is ok, you just have to scrub your hands after. The good thing about it is that you see results right away! And then i think it is supposed to wash off in the shower. So its good for a quick fix.

hklover86 said...

ooops made a typo. i meant to say my idea was to spray it onto my LEGS and then just rub it around. But dont do that.

Dolly Iris said...

I need all new make up. Good job on finding all the deals!