Monday, March 30, 2009

My Night Out

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Friday night I went out with some friends from work. We went to one girls house before for a few hours to pre-drink before going out. My friend had picked up the booze for both of us and I paid her back. We had about 3-4 drinks before heading out. We got to the bar, and it was not that busy, but we figured it will pick up. It didn't really...but we didn't want to pay cover to go to another bar so we stayed for a bit. Had another drink, danced a bit, mostly just sat and talked. Eventually left, went back to the one girl's house, and had another drink. Then my one friend's sister was picking her up so they drove me home.

Next day: worst hangover I have ever had. In fact, I don't really get hungover much. But this was pretty bad. I felt like I was And I had to work. I know, I shouldn't have gone drinking the night before work, but like I said, I never really had a problem with hangovers. Anyways, I made it through the day but it was like the longest shift ever!!!

Even though I felt like crap the next day, it was worth it because I hadn't gotten to hang out with my one friend for a long time cause she had a baby a few months ago. So it was our first time hanging out since then, and even though the bar did kinda suck, the most important part was being with people I enjoy spending time with :)

Cost of the night:
Alcohol for pre-drinking: $20
Pop for mix: $1.93
Cover charge: $4.00
Drink at bar: $4.25
Taxi: $5.00 (we got a free ride there so only paid for the ride home)

Total: $35.18


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun night out! We all need those every now & then! :)

paranoidasteroid said...

$35 is definitely not bad for a drunk night!

I discovered that I don't get hangovers if I stick to only one kind of drink - either mixed drinks or wine or beer, and that's it!

Dolly Iris said...

Sounds like a fun time! It's good to let your hair down sometimes. Next time drink a few glasses of water before bed. Works for BF.

The Asian Pear said...

Sounds fun and you didn't blow your budget. Although... Getting drunk for $35... Would that mean you're a cheap drunk then? ;) Hehehe! Just kidding!