Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March Recap


Total Income: $1300/$1792.90

Rent: $200/$200
Cell Phone:$68/$67.47
Food at work:$70/$113.72
Eating out:$50/$39.12
Grocery: $60/$69.84
Makeup/personal items:$50/$177.02
Clothes: $90/$88
Misc: $80/$105.86
Going out:$30/$35.18

OSAP: $500/$662.00
Savings: $102/ $0
Portugal: $0/$100

So I really spent a lot of money this month! But I did make more due to my tax refund. I am really going to make an effort to bring lunch to work more often. I went out on Monday and got some groceries and have brought my lunch the past 2 days. I want to try to do this not only to save money, but also because if I bring a sandwich or something from home, it's likely to be more healthy than the fast food I buy while at work.

Here's how I did on my goals for this month:

1. Have 8 no spending days- FAIL. I only had 4

2. Bring lunch to work 10 times -HUGE FAIL I did it twice. oops.

3. Work out at home 8 times (about twice a week) -FAIL Only did that twice too..

4. Go to gym 4 times ( about once a week)-FAIL

5. Try a new recipe

6. Put atleast 50% of my net income towards debt/savings combined. ALMOST- I put 42.5% of my income to debt/savings.

So I did horribly with the goals I set for myself this month. I don't think I am going to set any for April, I just don't really feel like it.


Fabulously Broke said...

Goals are useless if they make you feel bad.

I think you had too many. Why don't you just pick one and start slow? Like bring lunch to work 10 times.

That's it.

Don't despair! :)

The Asian Pear said...

I agree with FB. Take it slow. And make a very tangible goal for yourself. Like instead of taking lunch to work 10 times, try just 5. that's about once a week.

hklover86 said...

you guys are right thanks for the input