Monday, March 16, 2009

Strange Phone Call

Today I got a phone call from some guy who was supposedly with ING Direct. He said there was a problem with my mutual fund account and in order to discuss it with me he needed me to enter my PIN number on the phone. He asked me if I felt comfortable doing that. I was like ummm no.

So then he said ok that's fine, I will need you to call us back to discuss the problem, would you like me to give you the phone number or would you rather look it up yourself? I said sure I will write it down. So he gave me a number and we said goodbye. Then I went online and looked up the number myself and the one on the website was different than the one the guy gave me.

I'm definately going to call them tomorrow and see whats up! Do you think it was a scam?


C - The Asian Pear said...

YES!! It's a scam! Things like that is always a scam. If you do want to make sure though, call ING customer service phone number from the website. Banks will NEVER ask for your PIN over the phone. From the ING Direct homepage:

Vishing can be vicious

Vishing (Voice Phishing) is similar to Phishing but done over the phone. It can be used to get access to your personal financial information. Unfortunately it's very hard to trace, so in order to stay safe, it's best to protect yourself by staying on guard when you receive a phone call that asks you to provide any financial information like a PIN or a credit card number.
What should I do if I suspect there's a fraudster on the line?

If you ever receive a suspicious call, simply don't provide any personal or sensitive information and get in touch with that specific financial institution to follow up on the inquiry. You can call our online security line at 1-888-SAFE-304 (1-888-723-3304) for peace of mind.

hklover86 said...

wow im glad i didnt do it!

paranoidasteroid said...

Yeah, that was definitely a scam.

In general, banks/credit cards/anyone will ever call you for that information over the phone. I don't give out information to anyone who calls me - I always call them back.

AllieInTheCity said...

Definitely a scam! Interesting info from The Asian Pear. Good to know...

Fabulously Broke said...


Banks will NEVER solicit you for a password or a PIN. Only if you call THEM, then you can give the password.