Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Friday was GOOD!

So since the start of this month, I have brought my lunch every day!!! This is not to say that I did not spend any money, but I brought the main part of my lunch. So I still spent money buying drinks and other snacks, but not nearly as much as if I didn't bring anything, obviously. So far I have only spent $19.90 on food while working! This is a lot better than what I normally would of spent so far, I am just looking at last months spending and around this time last month I had already spent about $36. So hopefully I can keep it up!!!

I am already over budget in my "going out" category. That's because I went out last night with a couple girlfriends. We went to a martini bar and had a few drinks and some food, then after that we went to another bar to go dancing. It was a really good time and one of the bars I had never been to before, so it was something new. I spent $39.50. Which is really not too bad for having gone to two different bars, plus I really don't get out that much! And the best part about this time, was no hangover today :)

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