Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Purse I Almost Bought

Yesterday I was out shopping at Winners and I spotted a really nice purse. It was by Jessica Simpson and it cost $59.99. I fawned over this purse for so long and I even put it in my cart so that nobody else would pick it up. It was really nice, the type of style that I like, big enough to hold lots of stuff but not so big that its like a suitcase.

I didn't get it. Can I afford $59.99 for a purse? Yes considering I have been using the same purse for over a year, so it's not like I am out buying expensive purses all the time. (Plus it is regular $88) Have I ever spent that much on a purse before? NO. I think that is the main reason why I didn't get it. It works that way no matter what I want to buy...if I have never spent that much on that particular type of item before, I feel like I'm spending sooo much.

I am still thinking about that purse. LOL. I decided that since I'm almost done paying my OSAP, I am going to treat myself after that is done. I will get myself a really nice purse or like a really nice pair of jeans or something, as a treat to myself for getting out of debt! I personally think I will deserve to treat myself to something really nice then!

Oh..p.s...I also discovered Fendi sunglasses....can't afford the $100 they cost at Winners but oh they are to.die. for. ♥


The Asian Pear said...

that's one nice looking bag! O_O!

I never find anything nice at the winner's I go to. :(

hklover86 said...

its really a hit or miss situation. I either see soo many things i like, or i dont really see anything.

Anonymous said...

Hi! You have an earlier post about a Sally Hansen/MAC warehouse...Where is it located exactly? I tried googling for it and nothing came up. Thanks :)

Money Minder said...

Nice Purse. You have more will power than me.

Fabulously Broke said...

The purse is cute..

I find lots of great things at Winners but it's once every.. 3 months LOL and I rarely go too

*purrs at her yellow leather bag*