Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another Thrifty Day!

After my visit to Goodwill yesterday I was feeling thrifty again today so I headed over to the local Value Village. The one here is really big. Its at least 3-4 times bigger than the Goodwill, you could spend hours in it. I have never bought used clothing before, but lately I have been thinking why not? I thought it couldn't hurt to atleast check it out, you never know what you will find.

I was mainly looking for brands of clothing that I would not normally purchase brand new because of the high price. I mean, I am not going to buy a used shirt that came from Walmart, that could be anywhere from like $4-$7 when you can get it brand new for a few bucks more. I found a lot of great brand name items like Tommy Hilfiger and Guess jeans, or Abercrombie and Hollister shirts. I ended up getting a pair of shorts that were originally from American Eagle, for $5.99!! They fit perfect and are very comfortable.

Another reason I wanted to check this place out was for books! I ended up getting a book by Donald Trump called Think Like a Billionaire for $5.99 and a novel called See Jane Run by Joy Fielding for $3.99. Some of the book prices there seem a little pricey to me for a used book, but it's still considerably cheaper than buying them new.

Afterwards I noticed another book store in the same plaza that I didn't know about! I think it might be new. Anyways it was a used book store, similar to another one I like to go to, where you take your old books and get store credit. This one is closer to me and a lot nicer and I am thinking I might start going to this one regularly as well. It even had a nice little area with leather armchairs where you can sit and read!

I've decided I need to stop buying books brand new. Not that I buy a lot of them, but I think I should make a rule for myself to stop altogether! I mean, there are so many ways to get great used books for so much cheaper, there really is no reason to buy new ones.

Tomorrow I probably won't go anywhere since it's a holiday and mostly everything will be closed. I think I might try to clean up my room, or go for a nice walk if the weather permits. So far this weekend has been pretty cold, so I am crossing my fingers for tomorrow.

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Arual said...

I am the same way when I shop at VV Boutique (Value Village). I am a bit of a brand monger because I agree, why would I buy a Wal-Mart shirt for $4 used when i can get it for $10 new? Sometimes if something is really cute I may make an exception. What i love about thrift shopping is that I will only buy something if I completely love it and it fits. Sometimes at the mall or whatever, I talk myself into clothes that are trendy even when they don't do me justice. At VV boutique I have a love it or leave it attitude!
I also look at furniture..I have found some great pieces for my home that I fixed up for very little money :)