Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dr. Oetker Shakers

I don't know how many bakers there are out there but I personally love to bake. Especially when I am baking treats like cupcakes or muffins. These things are relatively easy to bake to begin with but anything that makes it easier and/or faster is always appreciated!

Have you seen the Dr. Oetker Shakers? I saw these in the grocery store awhile ago but didn't really look at them. Well they actually seem pretty cool. It comes with all the ingredients in a container and all you have to do is add milk or water, shake it and pour! If you go here, you can see all the different products and you can also get the nutritional info on each one. There is chocolate or vanilla cupcakes, buttermilk or chocolate chip pancakes, and various kinds of muffins.

You can also enter a contest to win a $1200 Visa cash card or a Dr. Oetker Shaker fun pack valued at $30. There is also an area where you can read other customers tips on how to customize your shaker. You can buy these products at: A&P, Food Basics, Sobeys, Price Chopper, Loblaws, Highland Farms and Longos.

Next time I see these at the grocery store I think I will pick one up to try them out!


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paranoidasteroid said...

I'm alwasy so tempted by those, but they charge outrageously high prices so I usually just mix it myself.