Sunday, May 10, 2009

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Is it me or does it seem like everyone is doing these customer satisfaction surveys? I think Shoppers Drug Mart was the first to do it, or the first one that I can think of anyway. You know what I mean, you get a little blurb on your receipt that gives you a website/phone number where you can do a survey and win various prizes such as cash, gift cards etc.

I have recently gotten one from Walmart, Zehrs and Boston Pizza. I think it is a great way for companies to get feedback on their customers shopping experience and an oppotunity to make improvements.

Has anyone recently gotten one of these invitations during their shopping trip?? Do you always fill them out? And have you ever actually won?


The Lost Goat said...

I've filled out a few. Mostly if I have gotten good service, because I think that people who give good service should get some props. I've never won, and I don't know anyone who has. Petsmart gives you a coupon, which I far prefer to a sweepstakes entry.

paranoidasteroid said...

I don't do it for sweepstakes entries, but Old Navy has them where you get a coupon code for some amount off if you fill out the survey.