Thursday, May 14, 2009

Feeling Down Lately..

FYI: Bit of a rant coming on here..

I apologize that I have not been writing much lately. I am in a bit of a funk right now and have not been feeling motivated to post. Mostly it's because of my work. As I may have mentioned before I work in a pharmacy. I love my job most days, but lately I have been feeling like every day is "one of those days" know? Its extremely draining, more so emotionally than physically. Most people that you are dealing with are sick in some way so of course they are cranky. Customers are very demanding, everyone seems to think they are the sickest person out there and they should have their prescription "right now". At the end of the day when I get home, I have nothing left. NO energy whatsoever. Sometimes I am in a bad mood when I get home and I pretty much don't want anybody to look at me or talk to me and just want to be by myself.

Of course there are the nice customers that always appreciate everything we do and are always saying thank you and it makes me feel good when someone appreciates my hard work, but those people seem to be so rare these days. I work really hard at my job, in fact I have never worked so hard in my life. Yet at the same time I have also never been treated with such disrespect and rudeness, and at times what could be considered harassment. Sometimes I just feel like what do I work so hard for? I don't make a lot of money, so I can't really say that the money is worth it. I used to think that the people I work with make it all worth while, because I work with a great team. We all get along well and the hours are not that bad. We don't have to work super late and we rotate weekends and we are all pretty flexible, we all know that if you ever cant work a day or need to switch a shift, something can always be worked out. These are little things that do make the job more enjoyable but I wonder if they are enough??

I have been thinking about working on my resume and handing it out to other pharmacies in town, but then I wonder if a job change is best in this economy. I work full time, I have benefits and vacation, maybe I should consider myself pretty lucky right now. I am not sure but I know one thing, I feel like I am at the end of my rope here.


The Asian Pear said...

reading your post... to be honest? it doesn't sound like you're happy. it sounds like you're comfortable. it's true that your job may be secure... but maybe you can find even a better job with even better benefits and pay? why don't you try looking around? worst that can happen is that you stay where you are. if you get an offer then you can negotiate and weigh if the new job or your current one is better.

Red said...

I know im a little late in commenting, so i don't know if the feeling is the same now.

However, Im at that point and have been for a few ....years... and trust me, you don't want to become as unhappy as i am.

Even if its just applying, whats the worst that can happen? You stay where you are?