Saturday, July 25, 2009

Always, Sometimes, Never

I always...

  • smell food before I eat it, if it's something new
  • wear pj's around the house if I have no plans of going anywhere
  • think of things I want to do or experience
  • have trouble describing myself in these exercises!
  • wonder what its like to be wealthy...
  • tell myself I need to go to the gym or do more active things

I sometimes...
  • go to the gym or do active things (even though I am always thinking about it)
  • think about starting my own business, but I'm not sure what...
  • turn the computer off at night..(trying to do it more now)
  • eat all the groceries I buy for myself
  • have trouble thinking of ideas for blog posts

I never...
  • like being home alone at night
  • like driving alone at night..seeing a pattern here?
  • want to clean..i hate cleaning
  • answer the phone if its a 1-800 number


Fabulously Broke said...

I can agree with those!

For me, I make lots of To Dos, but I just never get around to it :)

Carrie...On The Cheap said...

Fun post...think I'm gonna copy :)