Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Online Shopping Hauls

I recently cashed out some money from survey sites like Lightspeed Panel and Social Spark. I left the money in my paypal account and decided to treat myself to a little online shopping.

First I went to Shop Craze. It is a website that sells mostly MAC and NYX makeup for less than retail. You can get a sample of MAC pigment for only $2.25 instead of buying the full size for almost $25 retail. Of course you only get a small amount, but any MAC user knows a little goes a long way with pigments, and the amount you get would last for quite a few applications.

I got 2 pigment samples in Teal and Melon. After ordering I realized I already had Melon. Not too smart of me! I also got an NYX lipstick in B52 and a Mega shine Lipgloss in Cady Shop.
I also made my first Etsy purchase! From a store called The All Natural Face. It is a shop that sells vegan makeup/skin care. I got 10 pigment samples for $1.50 USD. But I really ended up with almost double that as she sent me many samples as well!

Here is what I actually bought:

And here are all the samples she sent me! Theres 2 lipglosses with a little brush, and eyeliner sealant, 4 eyeshadows, a concealer, a blush and a mineral veil ( setting powder).

I haven't really tried many of these yet but once I have I will let you know what my favourites are.

I also tried my first bit of Asian makeup! I have been reading a lot about asian makeup on various beauty blogs and really wanted to try out this product called BB Cream. Basically its like a tinted moisturizer, SPF and concealer all in one. It is supposed to make your skin look radiant. I got 2 different ones: Skinfood Aloe BB cream and Missha Perfect cover BB cream. They also sent me 2 samples of moisturizers.

I got these from an ebay store called Healthy Skin Care Shop, based in Korea. I've only tried the BB creams a few times so far, and so far I like them! Once I have used them more I will write more about them.

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