Saturday, September 19, 2009 vs

I finally got another $5 gift card to As I mentioned before I was waiting for this one to order a book. I ordered Bead Jewelry 101. I have been interested in learning how to make jewelry for the past little while. These books are usually like $30+ at Chapters. So I decided to put my gift cards to good use.

I never really thought about whether or not to get the gift card or the one. I just automatically got because the prices seemed to be lower and I figured even though the shipping is a bit higher its probably worth it. I guess it all depends on what exactly you are buying.

In this case, it would of been cheaper from

Heres the breakdown:
Book: $17.99
S&H: $8.98
Import Fees Deposit: $0.90
= $27.87
- $15 GC
= $12.87

If I got it from
Book: $17.33
S&H: $5.90
GST: $1.17
= $9.40

I could of saved $3.47! LOL not that I am really broken up about this, but I feel like I should of paid more attention. I think next time I am going to save my swagbucks until I decide what I want, then I will price it out on both sites to see which is cheaper, and THEN redeem them for the giftcards once I know exactly what I want.

P.S. The book is $27.50 in store plus GST so I guess I still got a good price either way :)


Anonymous said...

I just received another $5, too! Isn't it awesome. Essentially free books! Can't go wrong. :)

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with being frugal and watch where you spend yoru money. :)

Here is another money saving idea.

If you are looking for free shipping on, check out

They also have an interesting discount table on items.

Have fun.