Sunday, September 6, 2009

Latest thrifting finds..

Yesterday I went to my local Value Village. Sometimes I like to go there when I am bored, its like hunting for treasure.. :)
Anyways I managed to snag a book on my "Books to read" list. It's called My Horizontal Life: A collection of One Night Stands by Chelsea Handler. I've started reading it and it's quite hilarious. That was $3.99

And now for the best part...I found a COACH purse! Yes you heard me. I am not really a designer purse fanatic but I think it's real. It looks real to me, anyway. It has a little stamp inside that says it's authentic...but who knows. It was also only $3.99!! I didn't really NEED a new purse, seeing as I just bought one when I was on vacation. But I could not turn down a deal such as this one. This can be my new go-to purse when I'm going somewhere fancy and don't wanna have a big purse but just want something small, and it goes with everything.

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The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

You will love your Coach bag, they last practically forever. I've found several at yard sales, as well as some Dooney & Bourkes. Can't believe what these puppies cost at the Coach store!