Friday, October 23, 2009

Advocating Designer

So I am copying all the other PF bloggers out there such as FB and Krystal, and posting the results of my PersonalDNA Personality Test. My result is Advocating Designer.

You are a Designer

  • As a DESIGNER, you are receptive to ideas and experiences, and enjoy the beautiful things in life, yet you are also grounded and realistic about yourself and the world.

  • You have a quiet appreciation for beauty in all its forms – in nature, in people, and in human creations from architecture to movies.

  • Instead of only focusing on functionality, you try to incorporate your good sense of style and taste into your choices.

  • At times you feel unsure of yourself, especially when confronted by other people.

  • You aren't the kind of person who insists on having things your way all the time – you are willing to go along with other people's opinions, even if you disagree.

  • Others may not know this about you, but you are very interested in new ideas, thoughts, expressions, and experiences. You enjoy learning and trying new things.

  • Although you are practical, you are anything but boring – you have depths to you that others cannot see.

  • The idea of doing the same thing every day for the rest of your life scares you – you need more excitement and challenge than that!

  • You have a remarkable eye for detail and precision, noticing things that others miss.
    ---I would describe this more as just having a really good memory.

  • You have a strong sense of style and value your personal presentation - friends may even seek your style advice from time to time.

  • how you relate to others

    You are Advocating

  • Being social, empathic, and understanding makes you ADVOCATING.

  • Some people find being around others exhausting—but not you! You are energized by spending time with friends, and you are good at meeting new people.

  • One of the reasons you enjoy conversation as much as you do is that you often learn about yourself while talking things out with a friend; you realize things about your own beliefs while discussing them with others.

  • You have insight into what others are thinking and feeling. This ability allows you to be happy for others, and to commiserate when something has gone wrong for them.

  • You are highly compassionate, and being conscious of how things affect those close to you leaves you cautious about trusting others too hastily.

  • Despite these reservations, you are open-minded when it comes to your worldview; you don't look to impose your ways on others.

  • Your sensitivity towards others' plights contributes to an understanding—both intellectual and emotional—of many different perspectives.

  • As someone who understands the complexities of the world around you, you are reluctant to pass judgments.

  • I bolded the parts that I thought were the most accurate. Overall, I would say its about 70% accurate. I don't think I read/understand others as well as this test thinks I do. But my creative or "designer" side is starting to come out more lately. An example would be my interest in learning to make jewelry, which I have blogged about recently.

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