Friday, October 30, 2009

I <3 Costco :)

Every time I get my American Express bill in the mail, there is usually some coupons with it. I never really paid too much attention to them, until now. My latest bill had a Costco coupon, where if you signed up for a new membership ($55) you get a $10 cash card. This was enough to entice me! lol

My mom has had a membership for quite a few years and whenever I have gone with her I have always been kind of fascinated with that place. Its so big that when I first walk in I don't know where to go first! It's kind of overwhelming!

Anyways I went today after dinner and got a membership then we did some shopping. They had some great deals for Tommy Hilfiger jeans for $30 and Gasoline jeans for $20-$30, I can't remember. And the books are also a great deal.

I only bought one thing, a pair of Roots Active pants for $19.99!! I couldn't believe it. I already have a pair, which I bought at Winners for $30. And I love them! They are super comfy. So when I saw the table full of them I was lured in. They usually retail for about $60 at Roots so it was definately a great price.

I also got gas there. The rumor was that their gas runs about 4-5 cents cheaper than other places. Well today it was only 2 cents cheaper, which was ok. But you can only use debit or American Express, no cash. I can see how it could amount to substantial savings over a long term period, but with a car like mine that is super good on gas to begin with, I can't see it making that big of a difference. So I wouldn't really go out of my way to go to Costco for gas, but definately will stop in when I am in the area.


FB @ said...

I am paying attention to coupons now, but generally speaking I don't have a use for them :(

iHing said...

If you want some other savings from Costco buy iTunes gift cards from them. They are $54.99 for a $60 value. See my post on my blog about this.